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Gothia Protection Group

Gothia Protection Group is a private security company, security agency, protection company and security organization with offices and local presence in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, Sweden. Throughout Norway, Denmark, Finland (Scandinavia) and Europe.

Authorized, authorised security and protection company

Gothia Protection Group is a licensed as a security company, security company specializing in security, dignitary and close executive protection agent, bodyguards and bodyguard security and specifically authorized for personal protection by close protection officers.

Other security companies, close protection companies, executive protection and security companies, security companies

There are countless security companies, investigations companies, security companies and security companies in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo of varying quality. Gothia Protection Group was founded as a security and Investigations Company, specialized in close protection in 1997 and has for many years held the authorization of security companies and Protection Company. Gothia Protection Group holds a special authorisation since 2004 a special authorization for personal protection - bodyguard protection, with bodyguards. Gothia Protection Group assigns on regular basis today for personal close and executive protection, as bodyguards and other special security operations where the need for protection and safety are out of the ordinary. Gothia Protection Group is a security company hired by demanding clients in need of protection support around their personal safety but also as bodyguards at special events.

Growing need for security companies, investigations companies, security agencies and close protection companies

The need for bodyguards, personal close and executive protection agents and bodyguard protection increases with the increasing threat to society. An increasing number of security companies, investigations companies, close protection and executive protection companies and security agencies will be developed to meet the need. Gothia Protection Group's focus is to lead this development.

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