Personal Protection – Target Hardening

Targeted attacks by way of threats, blackmail, violence and kidnapping against individuals are seen to increase at the same time as society’s resources for protecting the individual decreases. This means that the individual at risk or their employer must initiate their own personal safety and security.

Problem identification

Questions related to personal protection within an organisation are rare and often perceived as complicated and unpleasant. The consequences of an actual threat or attack on a person within a business are not limited to the victim alone; in most cases there is an impact that is felt throughout the employees of the organisation. Through problem identification and prevention the personal protection of each employee is increased as well as the possibility of managing critical situations. Gothia Protection Group [GPG] provide personal protection to companies and organisations and help to manage these issues.

Preventative and reactive measures

A threat level may change or occur rapidly and originates from the following factors:

A threat may abruptly change the conditions for existing security measures already in place for the individual, company or organisation. When this happens, it is essential that adequate safety measures are taken without delay, something that is facilitated by a previously prepared plan of action.

GPG provides individuals, companies and organisations that are exposed to personal protection related problems with

Personal protection – Close Protection Officers/Executive Protection Agents

In the case where the police authorities feel that they are unable to provide protection of an individual, there are a limited number of security companies that are authorised a licensed to provide Close and Executive Protection Officers. GPG is a leading provider of Close Protection Services in the private market and is one of only seven companies in Sweden with special authorisation from the County Administrative Board and approved by the National Police Board. GPG provides Close Protection Officers/Executive Protection Agents with extensive experience in both low and high risk operations both domestically and internationally.

More information about Close Protection Services can be found on this page - Close Protection

GPG assist with Personal Protection Programs throughout the world and has great operative experience of working in, and adapting to, different environments and cultures.

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