Risk and Security Management – Project-, Threat- and Vulnerability Assessments

Different types of security risks have for individuals, companies and organizations become increasingly more visible in our now so suddenly and constant changing environment. This has led to that the need for qualified risk assessments and implementation of adequate mitigating measures has become even more important.

Gothia Protection Group [GPG] has significant experience in assisting in identifying assets that need protection, determining which areas are particularly vulnerable and designing strategies to minimise risk. GPG also provides qualified threat- and vulnerability assessments if required separately.

GPG’s goal is to provide its clients with reliable reports which enable the client to make well-grounded decisions.

Qualified resources

GPG has the experience and in-house resources to provide; guidance, conduct investigations and undertake special protection operations. Investigations are conducted by highly skilled partners experienced in investigative and information gathering techniques. Special protection is provided by skilled personnel with experience in both high and low risk deployments. Our security consultants are hand picked and qualified in their respective specialist fields.

Reflecting the overall experience and expertise throughout our organisation, GPG has in addition access to a global network of proven and reliable contacts.

If you have any questions regarding GPG and our Risk Management Services, do not hesitate to contact us on telephone or send an email to info@gothiaprotection.se.