Security coordination

Gothia Protection Group [GPG] has extensive experience in coordinating security measures that respond to current threats. GPG conducts risk assessments as well as coordinating security at both organisational and operational levels.

Coordinating on a organisational level

GPG’s security coordinator support companies and organisations with the implementation of security measures relating to general or special vulnerable activities. The coordinator supports the business by ensuring that adequate measures are implemented at the respective location or situations. GPG serve as consultants to companies and organizations in close cooperation with the security manager or management team. Based on the current risk, threat and vulnerability assessment GPG works as a coordinator of various security activities within the organization.

Coordinating on a operational level

GPG works on an operational level with existing security personnel and other employees.

GPG support the security staff with advice on security and protection issues and coordinates ongoing activities around the protected object in response to threats.

GPG assist with security coordination throughout the world and has great operative experience of working in, and adapting to, different environments and cultures.

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