Security Training

Gothia Protection Group [GPG] provides customised security training in security for companies and organisations. The courses are directed at each end everyone’s capability and create opportunities for better learning for the individual and organisation as a whole. The courses are structured and follow a logical progression to allow the trainee to absorb the information that is being passed on. The course focuses on giving the trainees knowledge and skills that are effective in the real world.

Security training

Personal protection

-Training individuals whose professional role exposes them for increased risk!

This course aims to give individuals knowledge of how to prevent and manage threats and attacks against their person. The training also covers mental preparation as a prerequisite for responding in an effective and appropriate manner in a stressful situation.

The course is aimed particularly at people who, through their professional or personal relationships, are at an increased risk of attack by harassment, extortion, violence or kidnapping, and are therefore need to know how to handle such situations in the best possible way.

Secure Driving

In cooperation with leading automobile manufacturers, GPG offers a unique driver training programme focusing on personal protection whilst driving ones own vehicle. The course aims to develop the driver’s ability to manage a critical situation where a threat is identified. The course is conducted in a secure environment where the participants can develop at their own pace and learn their own, and the vehicle’s, limits.

The training is practical and around 80% of the course is spent in the vehicle. The vehicle fleet consists of both front wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles, as well as special vehicles, security vehicles and limousines. The objective is that the education has a realistic feel, to get the maximum result from the training.

Tactics and self-protection training

-Customised training for vulnerable groups, police officers, officials, security operatives and others.

Security operator

-GPG can also offer customised training for security operatives.

GPG security training throughout the world including high-risk areas and has great operative experience of working in, and adapting to, different environments and cultures.

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