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The Company

Gothia Protection Group [GPG] is a private security and investigation agency operational between limited governmental resources and a security market focused on volume. The company was founded in 1997 and has since developed into a leading company within risk-management and private security with significant experience of international operations. In 2006 GPG was successfully listed as a Gasellföretag by the Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri. GPG is divided in three divisions; specialised security, investigation and consultation.

Special Authorisation

GPG has national authorisation from Länsstyrelsen (the county administration board) for security operations and is one of only seven companies in the country that is approved and authorised by the Swedish police in the fields of personal protection through the use of Close Protection Officers. GPG also has authorisation to operate internationally in these fields under a licence issued by the British Security Industry Authority (SIA).

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Special Expertise

GPG has extensive expertise in a large number of security sectors, as well as solid national and international experience from the police, military, private security and legal sector as well as management and project leadership. With this wealth of experience, GPG has the resources that are needed to complete any security task required by the client and to manage any situations that may develop beyond the requirements of the original brief.


GPG develops and supplies services to government administrations and authorities when insufficient resources are available and there is the requirement for additional resources from the private security market. These services are designed to complement and support the original participants and their services, not to replace them. Our service portfolio represents a new tool in managing security risks presented by both government and business organisations alike.

International Partners

GPG maintains and utilises a proven network of professional international partners including leading branch organisations such as NSD, ASIS, IPI, ABI and WAD, amongst others.

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If you have any questions regarding GPG and our field of work, do not hesitate to contact us on telephone or send an email to info@gothiaprotection.se.