Payment and Conditions


Gothia Protection Group’s [GPG] prices are decided at the start of negotiations and will be based on the factors that are involved in the assignment, such as its nature and character, the seniority of the personnel, the size of the task and the speed with which it is to be completed. The majority of tasks are based on a running invoice but there are certain services that can be given a set price or an agreed budget. All prices are listed in SEK or Euros.


In addition to an hourly rate, costs for travel and accommodation are debited from the starting point of the task: Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö. With regard to flights, trains and hotels, the lowest cost alternative will be used.


GPG accepts assignments from private persons, companies and public administrations. The assignment is handled according to GPG’s task processes and conditions listed below.

All assignments will be submitted in writing and contain information on the client, including an invoice address; e-mails are acceptable. The assignment will be undertaken after an independent credit check against invoices due and payable ten (10) days from date of invoice. If the client fails the credit check, an advance payment will be accepted.

Assignments received from a public company, state, community will be undertaken after an independent credit check against invoices due and payable thirty (30) days from date of invoice.

In the case of delay in payment, annual interest is added to the outstanding debt of eight (8) % plus interest charged by the Riksbanken (The State Bank) from the due date of the invoice.

Payment Options


Credit card

Credit cards

Click on the images above to pay by credit card via secure payment.

Currency Transfer

Cancellation of assignment

GPG reserves the right to cancel an assignment due to failed payments or if the company’s services are being used for illegal or unsuitable purposes, or if the working relationship between GPG and the client cannot be maintained on a professional level.

If you have any questions regarding GPG and our field of work, do not hesitate to contact us on telephone or send an email to