Investigation services

Basic data before the decision

Gothia Protection Group’s Investigations Department works by collecting information and collating facts regarding security or matters of an intricate but confidential nature. GPG works as a neutral third party resource and does not assume the role of the police or the complaints authority. Our activities aim to provide the client with facts and information that create the foundations of an important decision. These services allow the client to see more, see what others do not see, understand more and provide proof of what they now know.

Proven and reliable methods

The collection of facts and information occur through extensive and proven information-gathering and investigation methods. The final product is an objective report that explains to the client what the collected information means.

Correct and discreet

Investigations are undertaken in complete secrecy, impartially, in order with an agreed protocol and in accordance with the relevant laws. Great importance is placed on maintaining a continuing dialogue with the client throughout the entire investigation which is conducted with absolute discretion and diplomacy.

Valuable contacts

Over the years, GPG has placed great value on its collaboration and cooperation with the authorities and the working relationships that have been established are so successful that GPG is consulted by interested parties wishing to benefit from their expertise

Complete investigation operation

Today GPG is the only company in Sweden with a complete civilian investigation operation and we represent leading companies and organisations throughout many industries.

Legal support

GPG’s services also allow for the possibility for the legal department to create material with substance with the help of fact collection through traditional methods of investigation and information gathering. This creates the possibility for legal representatives in conjunction with colleagues in other countries to participate in activities to build a lasting foundation for a case. GPG’s services can thus become a tool complementing the legal representatives existing arsenal with the following means:

GPG works with a number of the country’s leading law firms and legal departments throughout both the private and corporate sectors. The common denominator is that they now work with better supported commissions which simplifies their decision regarding important questions.

GPG accepts investigations throughout the country and on an international basis.

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