Assets & skip tracing

Tracking a person that has disappeared

When one talks of a person that has disappeared the definition of the word requires explanation. There are three types of disappearance:

  1. A child or person that is lost with no malicious intent behind the disappearance.
  2. Someone that has lost contact with another that they knew but cannot find or make contact with again.
  3. A person that wilfully hides him/herself and/or someone else for legal, economic or personal reasons.

The first action to localise and find a missing person is to discover that reason for their disappearance. After this fact is discovered, the investigation can procede. If it is that the case falls under the first category listed, the most important action to take is to contact the authorities as soon as possible so they may lead the search, the concern being that the missing person is in danger and in need of medical attention.

In the instance where the case falls into one of the two other categories it is probable that the investigators themselves take the initiative to find the missing person/s through a localised investigation.

Tracking missing assets

It is not uncommon that assets go missing “without trace” in conjunction with someone else other than the actual administrator that makes the claim. It is also not unlikely that a person withholds or conceals assets that can be used in legal proceedings.

Through investigation, Gothia Protection Group aims to

The course of action taken by GPG is based on proven methods of investigation such as

It must be taken into consideration that time is a very important factor and therefore it is of great importance that an investigation is started as fast as possible irrespective of assets and persons. GPG accepts projects both domestic and international.

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