Background Checks

Gothia Protection Group [GPG] performs all types of background checks on people, companies and organisations in Sweden and abroad. From a background check, the client can objectively evaluating a persons qualifications and what behaviour be expected of them.

In this way, risks can be minimised at the same time as increasing information levels about employees, processes, investments, collaborations, mergers, acquisitions and other types of relationships.

Personal Checks

A personal check provides information on the general position, character, reliability and interests of an individual. It will also include information on their financial standing. The check can be simple and straightforward or complex and in depth, depending on the client’s requirements. When a personal check is not sufficient to satisfy information requirements, the next step is full background check of the person.

Company checks

A company check provides essential information on the company’s structure and performance. GPG can establish the business’s firm and registration number, size and type, activities, ownership, key persons, facilities, owners and interests, business activities, and whether the company is, or has been, subject to legal processes.

A background check of companies can assist in identifying assets and weaknesses, the background of the owner and directors, and the nature of its relationships with suppliers, investors, employees and customers.

The research can be designed to fulfil specific information needs about existing or potential investments, mergers, acquisitions to assist in business and financial analysis as well as the furtherance of legal proceedings.

Pre-employment screening

A background check before recruitment focuses on evaluating character and reliability with a potential employer at all levels of the company. This is included as a natural part of the recruiting process and is designed to result in a “safe employee”. This is achieved through the verification of the person’s identity, education, employment history, legality, economic situation and other factors which are task or organisation specifc.

A background check before recruitment can be tailored to meet the client’s needs as identified in the person specification and corporate policy requirements. The checks simple and straightforward or complex and in depth, depending on the client’s requirements. The price of this service is subject to a volume discount determined by the number of checks required at any one time.

Due Diligence – precautionary inspection

The concept of Due Diligence came originally from the trading of horses and referred to checking the horse’s teeth to judge its health before purchase. Nowadays the most common use of the term concerns the legal, financial and organisational viability of decisions made in the normal course of business dealings.

Complete and truthful statement of fact

The Due Diligence process is similar to completing a jigsaw puzzle. Of necessity, in most transactions, the bulk of the relevant information is controlled and made available by the seller.

At best, whilst the information may represent, in legal terms, a “true and fair view” of the item in question, it will nonetheless tend to be of greater or lesser partiality favouring the seller; at worst, it is an illusion. The purpose of Due Diligence is to ensure that each different aspect of the transaction - legal, financial and commercial - are fully analysed and validated before being put together to build a realistic and hardheaded scenario from the purchaser’s point of view.

Protective Security Analysis

GPG complements legal, financial and commercial Due Diligence by identifying and addressing security operations which are not covered by the ordinary Due Diligence process. Through security analysis, the integrity, credibility and reliability of the other party can be verified - or not - and any “skeletons in the closet” can be exposed before it is too late.

GPG enables its clients to go into a deal with their eyes open. Our security analysis, which we will conduct with maximum discretion, gives answers to the questions that cannot be answered by accounting and cannot be addressed directly at the negotiating table without prior information:

The purpose of security analysis is therefore two fold: to act as a complement to legal, financial and commercial Due Diligence and to provide the client with concrete information about the potential risks of a transaction.

The security analysis process

The process is built on traditional investigation and information gathering techniques and the end result is a factually-grounded report which details and explains any adverse implications to the client. In sum, a security analysis reduces the possibility of the grounds for a decision being muddled and muddied by any form of deception.

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