Criminal Investigations

Criminal investigation is the responsibility of the authorities of the country in which the crime took place and where the suspects must be investigated. Unfortunately authorities today must prioritise their resources and as a result might not be able to meet the demands made of them.

Increased Vulnerability

It is also true that the business structures of today are so complex, and therefore potentially vulnerable, that it is unreasonable to expect that the authorities should be able to protect the business world in its entirety. Both the individual working for a company and the company itself, are responsible for making sure that neither become a victim of crime. It should be recognised that if, for example, an inventory does not tally up or the company suspects that the previous sales manager has leaked company secrets to the competition, it does not mean that the authorities will provide all necessary help with the investigation.

Paving the way for investigation

For the authorities to begin an investigation, a complaint is required in the form of an official report. From the information obtained in the complaint a decision is made as to how the investigation should commence. It is at this time that a private investigation can function as a foundation to gather evidence regarding a suspect. When this preliminary investigation is complete the facts obtained can increase the probability that an official complaint can lead to action taken by the authorities.

Private investigation to complement the official investigation

Through knowledge of private investigations and resources, Gothia Protection Group not only can carry out an investigation in a proper and correct manner but also, in a short period, assist with a preliminary investigation to clarify the circumstances surrounding a particular case. This is made possible through the collection and organisation of facts and information through tested methods of investigation in the following forms:

Using a private investigation company has advantages and benefits:

Civil investigations can never replace a police investigation but can function as an alternative or as a complement to one. All of GPG’s investigations are undertaken in strict secrecy, with impartiality and in accordance with the relevant laws. We accept both domestic and international investigations.

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