Espionage & Sabotage

Most people associate espionage and sabotage with the military or politics. This is no longer the case. During the last few years espionage and sabotage have changed in nature and increasingly affect civilian high technology and other economic targets.

Business espionage - a growing concern

Being well informed is a business necessity, and the gathering of business and competitor intelligence is a natural part of day to day business operations. Methods of collecting information can be split into two categories with significant gray areas between them: the legal and the illegal.

The majority of business and competitor intelligence is gathered legally. Through formal and informal processes, including marketing research, direct personal contacts or through searches on the Internet, in the media and in journals, high quality competitor information can be collected . Sometimes, however, the information desired is not easily obtainable by legal means and thus illegal methods may be used to collect further confidential information.

The illegal procurement of information can take many different forms ranging from the conspiratorial where information is obtained through false pretences to illegal entry which may be physical or electronic.

There is a tendency for different forms of organisational relationships to be exploited to acquire natural access and contacts. Corporate partnerships, procurement and customer relationships - which at first sight appear to have clear purposes - offer many opportunities to access information.

And then there is the human factor. Studies have consistently shown that the largest and most damaging information leaks are via a company’s own staff.

Stopping the sabateour

Sabotage can be described as a well studied form of vandalism in which the attacker has a prescribed agenda and target that motivates the act. The motivation can be financial, ideological, personal, ethical or religious, or a combination of these.

The attacker be anyone from a frustrated youth expressing contempt for society through acts of vandalism to a sophisticated perpetrator from the extreme case of a competing company deliberately poisoning a product or in some other way damaging a brand or corporate reputation within consumer or investment markets. Equally, planned and systematic sabotage may be carried out by activists and extreme groups of different types.

GPG assists private persons, companies and organisations by implementing targeted and preventative measures against:

Getting results

The investigations and risk analysis which GPG undertakes as part of its overall risk assessment process enables us to develop and implement credible and effective protective, defensive and action based plans to increase the protection of your company’s confidential information and helps you to fight any attempts at sabotage directed at your operations or reputation.

GPG also has an exclusive partnership with CHARTIS Insurance and works with the client to identify and arrange appropriate levels of insurance against the risks arising from industrial espionage.

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