Internal Investigations

Internal investigation is an activity that helps an organisation to prepare and manage internal irregularities in a constructive and businesslike way. That 85% of all crimes against a business are committed by someone within the organisation is not in question, that the organisation addresses this is in question. The result is how an organisation goes about addressing this.

Often management is unsure about how to ask questions about internal irregularities and thus they lack a policy for internal investigations and how a decision or action is made as a result. A systematic collection of evidence creates a base for sound work environment within which the management and staff have confidence in each other and flow with ease (without friction).

GPG has vast experience of internal investigations and, in a professional manner, helps organisations collect evidence against:

Our internal investigations are conducted under strict secrecy, in an impartial manner according to an agreed protocol, and according to the relevant laws. We realise the importance of the need for internal investigations fair to all parties concerned to build a trusting relationship between them. GPG works together with the management and legal representatives, and acts as a neutral third party resource, without taking the roll of police or prosecutor.

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