IP Protection

Intellectual property (IP) law involves the copyright/patent owners legal right to the sole ownership of a protected product. Intellectual property law also includes protection against the copying or exploitation of a protected product. Intellectual property protection can be described as either patent, trademark, copyright and design.

Protection for IP access

In tune with the increase in numbers and growth in value of intellectual property, access to them is sort after to exploit intellectual property and steal them. Therefore it is of great importance and value to the company to protect their products, patents, trademarks and other such distinguishing features (such as brands) against unauthorised access.

Investigations into access

When ownership is registered to intellectual property it is of the greatest importance that the company safeguards its interested in the form of guarding, identifying, verifying, investigate and to take measures against unauthorised access. Gothia Protection Group helps companies to safeguard their intellectual property through:

It is important to remember that the initiative to protect intellectual property should come from the owner of the intellectual property.

Successful experience

At GPG we have a great deal of experience in investigating intellectual property access with results in convictions both criminal and civil suits for our client. GPG works with companines within the following, but not limited to, industries; Tobacco, Pharmaceutical, Film, Clothing, Software, Electronic, Toys and Household products. We are active within the entire intellectual property arena and provide help with

GPG works closely with partners such as legal council and departments, police, prosecutors, customs and other authorities with the aim of safeguarding and protecting the interests of the client. GPG coordinates education for the police, customs and other authorities with the intention of providing a deeper knowledge in, amongst other; smuggling, manufacturing, and the difference between genuine and fake products.

If you have any questions regarding GPG and our field of work, do not hesitate to contact us on telephone or send an email to info@gothiaprotection.se.