Surveillance is used for to gather information by personally or electronically observing a person or location with the intention of documenting activities, contacts, times, places, targets and behaviours. Surveillance is most commonly used to realise the following aims:

Hidden and visible surveillance

Surveillance may be hidden or visible. The particular approach used will depend on the aim of the project and the desired outcome. Hidden surveillance is used when the aim is to observe an object without either the target’s or a third party’s knowledge. On the other hand, visible surveillance is used to make people aware that they, as individuals, or a place to which they may visit is the target of surveillance. This method is used in most cases to deter criminal or anti-social behaviour.

Surveillance with discretion and secrecy

All of Gothia Protection Groups surveillance is conducted with total discretion and under conditions of strict secrecy.

Our surveillance teams are professionally trained and have the resources required to monitor the target and gather information with minimal risk of detection.

A GPG surveillance project results in a report fully supported by audio-visual evidence in the form of film, still pictures and audio files.

GPG is fully conversant with all the legal aspects which surround surveillance projects.

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