Theft & Loss

Theft and loss in all forms are a substantial problem affecting most companies. A significant number of thefts are internal and committed by an employee or by someone with access to offices or storage areas, such as cleaners, delivery firms etc. When a problem with theft is discovered it should be managed without delay to limit damage and further loss as soon as possible. To do nothing inevitably leads to increased damage to the company as well as demoralising personnel and acting as a negative influence on organisational culture.

Strong measures

GPG provides immediate and direct responses in the event of theft and loss of different kinds by thoroughly investigating:

Tried and proven methods

GPG has extensive experience in investigating theft and loss and possesses the competence, creativity, imagination and access to technical resources that are essential in achieving a successful result.

Investigations are built using proven methods and (collect initial) information is collected by making use of existing documentation, background checks, evidence collection, interviews, surveillance, infiltration and any other measures necessary, according to agreed protocols, to survey and document activities. The investigation then continues to concentrate on the size of the loss and to localise and reclaim it.

Additional technologies can be used in a number of cases as a complement to other measures.

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