Security Services – Protection and Specialised security

Complementing the security market

Gothia Protection Group [GPG] security division works with specialised security and protection tasks and complements the common service providers in the security market. GPG actively engages with clients who require higher and more flexible security solutions than the average user.

Special competence

GPG’s continual emphasis on developing the personal skills, education and experience of our security personnel, coupled with our recognition of the need for flexibility and uncompromising quality in the services we provide leaves minimum room for error.

Exclusive authorisation

GPG has national authorisation from the Swedish County Administrative Board for security operations. In addition GPG belongs to a group of only seven companies in the country which have special authorisation and approval from the Swedish National Police Board (RPS) to provide Close Protection Officers which could include armed security personnel.

This special authorisation “demands education and competence” and stipulates that; “the company must be of such size and be of an organisational structure so that security activities have the order and focus that is required”. GPG is also authorised by the British Security Industry Authority to conduct international security and personal protection operations and is an approved supplier to the UN.

Prestigious International Security Assignments

GPG conducts security and protection operations on an international basis and places great value on its customer relationships, which range from artists and the business elite, to royalty and state representatives. For example, GPG has been the obvious choice to provide personal protection during the World Economic Forum held annually in Davos, Switzerland. Because of strict confidentiality requirements, GPG cannot name them on this website but references will be made available on request.

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