Maritime Security – Vessel Protection

Unpredictable environments

With an increased number of incidents affecting maritime security - from armed hijackings, theft and robbery to sabotage of ports - the importance of adequate security and protection services has become a vital factor. The cost of reducing or eliminating the risk of criminal activity by implementing appropriate security measures, have often proved to be an effective investment.

Risk Mitigation

Gothia Protection Group [GPG] has a broad range of services adapted for the maritime sector. GPG offers everything from consultation to providing experienced security operatives for vessel security and protection. GPGs operatives are certified and specialised within their respective fields.


GPG assists companies within the maritime sector to devise and put effective security solutions in place. The consultation process provides an assessment identifying risks and devise solutions to security problems.

Security Surveys

An inspection provides an in-depth assessment of existing security arrangements and identifies threats and vulnerabilities on board and/or in port. GPG has extensive experience of identifying which assets need protection; identifying zones that are particularly vulnerable; and devising strategies than reduce likely risks. GPG also offers complete project, threat and vulnerability assessment as appropriate.

Technical solutions

GPG has a large range of technical solutions which increase the safety of the client’s crew, cargo and vessels. The technical solutions offered by GPG include alarms and video surveillance systems, metal detectors, radars, night vision, communications equipment, and technology for access control.

Vessel protection

The need for assured maritime security has increased in significance in line with the increase in attacks and hijackings committed against commercial vessels and private boats, both at sea and in port. To increase the security for the crew, cargo and vessel, GPG offers a trained and experienced security team. GPGs operatives have backgrounds from specialist units within the military, police and private security. They have significant operational experience in different environments, cultures and areas of conflict. GPG also performs hull inspections, searches, counter surveillance, repatriations and stowaway escorts.


GPG offers training and seminars on increasing safety in the maritime sector. GPG’s instructors provide training in areas such as protection and emergency planning, defence and emergency measures, the attacker’s modus operandi, legislation and conventions, security control, risk assessment. Seminars and training are designed around each client’s specific needs.

GPG undertakes maritime security solutions on an international basis.

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