Security and Protection Escorts

Whichever methods of transport is used, it will represent some security risk. This may, for example, result from the object being transported now is outside normal security parameters. Transports themselves can also be sensitive by nature and require extra security measures where necessary. Some modes of transport are insufficiently robust and require the security level to be increased by using a personal security escort.

Professional escorts, domestic and abroad

Gothia Protection Group [GPG] is a specially authorised security company which provides personal security escorts of people and property. Our escorts operate domestic and abroad, on land, sea or in the air. In most cases these operations will be carried out by specially trained minders from GPGs close protection team. GPG has within this team the resources and the logistical capacity to plan and deploy escorts at very short notice who will operate with all the diplomacy, flexibility and professionalism that is required.

Security Couriers

We also offer the personal transit of documents or other important items to mitigate the risk of damage or delay.

Deportation / Repatriation

GPG provides escorts for a person who is required to leave the country in order to protect third parties with full responsibility and for the personal safety and well being of the escorted.

Protection of goods

GPG provides security escorts to protect goods against theft, attempted robbery or the surveillance of a third party.

Personal Security Detail - PSD

GPG provides protection for people who travel to high risk areas and to places with dangerous environments and/or is at risk due to other circumstances.

GPG transports documents for embassies, law firms and commercial organisations. The security escorts will support shipping firms and airlines with repatriations and provide protection during the transportation of pharmaceuticals, technical equipment and other theft-prone items.

Gothia Protection Group undertakes security escorts all over the country and on an international basis.

If you have any questions regarding GPG and our Security and Protection Escorts, do not hesitate to contact us on telephone or send an email to