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Preparation which includes risk and environment assessment is essential for travel security because of differences in social structure, culture and crime etc. in countries visited. With this in mind it is important before a journey to check the political environment and also to identify secure locations to gather at in case of a threat or incident. Here GPG plays an extremely important role in maintaining a high level of security in a foreign environment where manners and practices differ. To the untrained eye, changes that occur before an incident become more difficult to detect in a home foreign environment. A good routine, therefore, before all foreign travel, is to conduct a security assessment that identifies necessary risk mitigating measures. Below is a list of information that is needed before a journey:

Security Transport

In some circumstances, and certainly in high-risk destinations, it is recommended to use security transports. Security transports means much more than just armoured vehicles. Depending on the situation, the client can choose to have a security driver, Close Protection Officers and an escort vehicle. GPG know how to use preventative security methods and driver protection techniques that include avoidance of bottlenecks and other dangerous zones. GPG provides security drivers for all types of transport and has a large network of proven drivers in cases where local knowledge is considered essential.

GPG’s view is that a security driver first and foremost must focus on their primary task, driving. Where further protection is required it is necessary to use Close Protection Officers.

Personal Security Detail - PSD

Some places and situations require extra protection and GPG can provide Close Protection Officers over the entire globe. GPG’s Close Protection Officers have great international experience; for further information please click on Close Protection. It is essential to have a good understanding of local environments when planning international protection. GPG can provide reconnaissance and planning by sending a “security advance party” to the destination prior to the planned journey.

Travel Assistance

GPG assumes responsibility for security but also provides practical assistance prior and throughout the journey. Examples of this are the planning and booking of flights, arranging of transport, assessment of meeting places, hotels, restaurants as well as tips on local attractions. GPG can even provide visas, currencies and local regulations where applicable. GPG takes responsibility for these practical details so the journey takes place with minimal disturbances and with required standard. Travel Assistance can be very useful when the security situation at travel destinations changes quickly. Journeys to such places require, for example, adequate action plans that cover the need for alternative secure locations and evacuation plans etc…

Customised Services

GPG can offer a variety of customised services. Many of these services are adapted for short or longer periods of time.

Protection of a company’s equipment and facilities in potential risk areas

Gothia Protection Group supports wit Travel Security all over the world.

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